I am 20, and I have done nothing with my life and have nobody and never do anything and Damn
I can’t bring myself to fix any of it because I am so exhausted and scared and depressed all of the timewoww

I am in so much pain and discomfort and only got 6 hours of sleep on the nght when I usually catch up on just gettin four hours throughout the weekhhhhhhhhhhh


i was looking for free furniture but maybe thats not what i was meant to find

Yayoi Kusama ‘I’m here but nothing’ 2000


deerhoof - you, dog (aka kidz are so small)

id throw a fit for you

(via alfalfas)


Pocket Art Director

gettin’ real at dinner
Thank you all for your kind words about Graveyard Quest’s ending. We will see a physical release of it eventually, just not this year. Next year. Definitely by next TCAF at least.
Friday I announced that I’m starting up a new comic: an adaptation of the original Pinocchio story! It’s gonna be good. Starts up on Sept 15th, right after SPX, which I will be at with Topatoco.